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Today, canopies have become only more diverse in their immediate purpose and design. For their manufacturing such materials as glass, stainless steel, metal, and plastic are used. The design project plays the main part here, and we take into account not only functional purpose, but also architectural features and the client’s wishes of . For example, the sun canopy is made of galvanized or painted steel. In most cases, welded metal frame is a "skeleton" of any canopy. But what materials it can be covered by depends on the project and the customer. For the decoration of front or side parts of forged products additional decorative elements on metal roofs are often attached, in addition to the main roof material. To produce such types of canopy’s configurations, such constructions as girdered, cable-stayed, cantilever,metal, on supports are manufactured. Also, now you can buy them in different shapes and sizes: domed, arched, sloping, pitched etc. According to your desire. Moreover, there are several options for mounting them: they can be mounted, on poles or on ropes. Forged metal canopies on brackets, chains or metal poles are considered securely fastened.