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About us

Choosing fireplace accessories, we should remember that they must go well not only with the style of the decoration of the fireplace but also with the room it is in. In addition, such characteristics as functionality, reliability and ergonomics are necessary. Do not forget about convenience. A serviter and a firewood basket must be sustainable, a poker, brushes and dustpans must lay comfortably in your hand. Fireplace accessories are made of steel, cast iron, brass, sometimes bronze. To create them such technologies as forging or casting are used. Casting allows you to create true masterpieces of metal, although cast products can be quite massive. There is also casting with the assemble work, in this case the cast products can be assembled during transportation and storage. The forged products seem to be quite massive, in fact forging technology makes the metal relatively easy and convenient to use. Fireplace accessories can be painted with fireproof paint and then patinized, which gives the effect of antiquity. Fireplace sets should be stored in close proximity to the fireplace. They should always be on hand to the owner so that he could monitor the fire, stir the embers, move the logs during the conversation. It is nice that all accessories for the fireplace you can order separately and make the fireplace room decor elegant and exclusive.