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Metal decor

Metal has always been a unique decoration tool for interiors and exteriors, adding elegance and exclusivity to any house.
About 90% of metal decor of pre-revolutionary capital of Russian was created at the famous factory of San Galli. Local production has grown from a mechanical workshop at Ligovka based by an enterprising German, Franz Karlovich San-Galli, in the early 1850s. Factory made original works of art, such as balcony railings of striking beauty, gates, lamp posts, cast iron vases, fountain installations, interior details.

Country construction

Suburban construction in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is developing very quickly. The number of cottages, villas, country houses and town houses is increasing every day. People not only build comfortable modern houses, but try to refine them as well. It uses a variety of elements, including products of art forging. Masterpieces of artistic forging, made by our outstanding masters, will significantly transform the appearance of your house. And no matter whether your home belongs to suburban construction of St. Petersburg or to any other region of our country. Wrought-iron fences, railings, gates, doors, grilles, canopies and awnings – the list is by no means full.

Metal products

Forged metal components have been relevant at all times – they are still very popular nowadays. Grilles, railings, doors and fences, decorations and interior - more and more often these products are made of metal, using a method of art forging. And it is no wonder, because such metal products look beautiful, noble and quite stylish. And even despite the emergence of welded metal structures, method of art forging is still very relevant. Do not forget that the metal in the interior goes well with any building material, for example wood, glass, stone or brick. Masterly fabrication of metal products will allow you to achieve this harmony of style, unique image and great appearance of your house. For example, skillfully forged gate can give a completely unique image of your fence, even if it is made of other materials.