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Not so long ago the 9-th International Conference "Galvanized and pre-painted mill product: trends of production and consumption" was held in Moscow.
From May,17 -18 may in St. Petersburg the Festival "Golden Dvutavr-2014", dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Sohonevich-one of the masters of art forging will be held. The day before the exhibition "Names" will be held at the Atrium Gallery of the Peter and Paul’s Fortress from May 16 to 22.
Do you know that the products of artistic forging stand out for their solidity, practicality and durability? Art forging is a sign of good taste of the owner.
It is interesting that for the first time people started to forge native metals far back in the stone age and that is why blacksmith’s work is considered the most ancient of metal processing. Among the Russian tsars there were forging amateurs such as Ivan the Terrible and Peter 1, who took part in the forging of anchors on the Voronezh shipyard.
2.2-meter-high sundial was forged in the Peter and Paul’s Fortress by blacksmiths attending the Festival Golden Dvutavr-2014", which was held in May in St. Petersburg.
Forged sculptures in the garden, the backyard or in the park – can be wonderful decorations, they create a unique atmosphere of the place.
Fountain in the house is a luxury or one of the ways to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Or may be both. A quiet purl of water is so nice to hear, the air is saturated with the life-giving water... Such a product may become a real decoration and pride of your home. With a variety of decorating using art forging, fountain can blend harmoniously with any interior, both modern or classic.
Forging is an ancient skill, known from time immemorial. In Greek mythology, the divine blacksmith Hephaestus was the patron of the blacksmith's craft, and blacksmiths were believed to have control over the power of fire.
Forged products are usually associated with antiquity. Howewer they can refresh and beautify the interior made in any style - minimalist, modern or classic. Using different elements of art forging, you can achieve a refined and original environment unlike any other. Such Interior items as wrought iron mirrors, wrought iron lamps or wrought iron coat hooks will not only make your House unique, but also say a lot about your taste and preferences.
Products of art forging go perfectly with all building materials. Balcony railings look equally great on the brick house, on the wood, and on the house decorated with natural or decorative stones. Art forging provides great opportunities for the realization of even the most sophisticated design ideas, but here it is also important to know when to stop.