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Canopy manufacturing

Canopies and awnings are integral elements of the architecture of any building, in a house, a business center, or an old mansion. Therefore, in the manufacture of canopies common architectural style and mood were considered the most important. So, a forged canopy with twisted elements would be appropriate to look over the porch of the mansion of the previous century. In addition, they may be of aesthetic importance, enhancing the beauty of the building, its particular style or business air, as well as adjusting visitors to the desired atmosphere. In addition, it also performs great practical function, because it protects the entrance and porch from rain, wind, bad weather and heavy objects on top. Today, canopies have become only more diverse in their immediate purpose and design. For their manufacturing such materials  as glass, stainless steel, metal, and plastic are used. The design project plays the main part here, and we take into account not only the functional purpose, but also architectural features and the wishes of the client. For example, the sun canopy is made of galvanized or painted steel.
In most cases, welded metal frame is a "skeleton" of any canopy. But what materials it can be covered by depends on the project and the customer. For the decoration of front or side parts of forged products additional decorative elements on metal roofs are often attached, in addition to the main roof material. To produce such types of canopy’s configurations, such constructions as girdered, cable-stayed, cantilever,metal, on supports are manufactured. Also, now you can buy them in different shapes and sizes: domed, arched, sloping, pitched etc. According to your desire. Moreover, there are several options for mounting them: they can be mounted, on poles or on ropes. Forged metal canopies on brackets, chains or metal poles are considered securely fastened. Cast or forged canopies. Canopy-forging is incredibly beautiful. Of course, it is mainly set in ancient or classical buildings. Undoubtedly, this manufacturing technology brings great opportunities for the most daring design decisions. Possibly even manufacturing of canopies, for example, in the shape of a stylized objects of any shape. Metal canopies are mainly made of cast iron (alloy of iron and carbon), which is ideal for casting and forging. In the forging process, this malleable metal is handled by pressure, then condensed and given the required shape. When casting, the molten material fills the prepared shape and the processing is continued only after it hardens.
Definitely, cast, and forged canopies look noble and elegant; therefore, the choice between 2 types depends only on the taste of the customer. Now in addition to the entrance canopy rigid awnings are made over the windows of the ground floor, or, for example, technology of outdoor advertising is applied to their manufacturing. The entrance canopy with an advertizing label looks much more attractive and becomes much more practical. You can also order additional lighting to illuminate the entrance area in the dark. Forged canopies are fixed with metal poles, brackets or chains. They can be decorated with a low-key or tracery ornament, and are performed according to standard schemes or individual order. As you can see, fabrication and installation of canopies is a serious matter and a time-consuming process. So, if You decided to buy a canopy, first of all, you need to ask professionals. They work to make any entrance to look splendid.
On Photos you can see our restoration works on the following objects:
The cabin of Peter the great, the Summer garden, the Mikhailovsky castle, the Mariinsky theatre,
The Mariinsky Palace, the Palace of Grand Duke Nicholay Nikolaevich,
The Vorontsov Palace, the Museum of artillery, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra,
Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the Lopukhinskiy garden, the Grand Choral Synagogue, the Garden of Saint Galli,the Albreht rehabilitation Center, Children's hospital of St. Nicholas,
The Derzhavin Museum, the Orphanage (the Spiridonov’s mansion), the Garden of 9th January,
The Kleinmichel chalet, the Vladimirsky Cathedral, the Lomonosov University,
The house of Nobel, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Gates in Dobrolyubova street
Appreciate the skill of blacksmiths of the present!
Original metal lattice and solutions of forged blade will not leave you indifferent.