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Metal lanterns

Man has always been inherent in the pursuit of unusual things that express his individuality. Metal lanterns will bring unique charm to any garden, yard or home. Forged lanterns are designed to add the nobility and luxury to the interior. Lanterns made of metal will decorate your garden or yard by tender light and bring the romantic atmosphere. In addition, they have a functional value, providing exterior lightning of the territory. The main feature of the street lamps is their durability and that they shine in any weather. Also if placed competently they uniquely focus people’s attention on certain areas of the garden or yard that you want to emphasize. The variety of shapes and sizes of forged lanterns will help you be faithful to the style of the exterior, interior and stress their individuality. Lights can be placed next to park furniture, to highlight some areas of the yard, park or garden, for example, water. You can also design your lantern as a sculpture or part of the street furniture. On Photos you can see our restoration works on the following objects:
The cabin of Peter the great, the Summer garden, the Mikhailovsky castle, the Mariinsky theatre,
The Mariinsky Palace, the Palace of Grand Duke Nicholay Nikolaevich,
The Vorontsov Palace, the Museum of artillery, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra,
Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the Lopukhinskiy garden, the Grand Choral Synagogue, the Garden of Saint Galli,the Albreht rehabilitation Center, Children's hospital of St. Nicholas,
The Derzhavin Museum, the Orphanage (the Spiridonov’s mansion), the Garden of 9th January,
The Kleinmichel chalet, Vladimirsky Cathedral, the Lomonosov University,
The house of Nobel, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Gates in Dobrolyubova street
Appreciate the skill of blacksmiths of the present!
Original metal lattice and solutions of forged blade will not leave you indifferent.