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Metal stairs in St. Petersburg

Metal stairs - it's such a universal thing that opens for You almost endless opportunities and interior designs. It has always been not only one of the most important elements of architecture and the way of the ascent/descent but also a particular aesthetic technique. We will all agree that the impression of the interior depends largely on the wooden or metal staircase. It can be graceful and light, solid and massive, practical and durable. Moreover, it emphasizes the elegance of the house. This element of the decor is both aesthetic, and functional. Perhaps the metal staircase is impossible to break or ruin; it does not lose its beauty over the years and requires no additional maintenance or repair. Stairs in St. Petersburg mainly produced by individual or standard designs, you can make an individual order or just choose the ready to order model. In fact, You can order exclusive option, and the most suitable design from the existing collection. Its amazing that almost every model of metal stairs can be built in a limited space or existing construction. For this purpose, especially for You straight or spiral metal staircase can be made using the most advanced technologies and the most reliable materials: polished and brushed stainless steel, beech and oak and structural steel with powder coating. In addition, masters will take the measurements, create the design, manufacture every detail qualitatively, and then install the stair case securely. Why metal staircase? 5 obvious advantages Depending on the purpose of the building, modern architecture involves a variety of materials and combinations of them for the manufacture of stairs: glass, wood, plastic, concrete. But the most practical and the most common are metal stairs.
They are used everywhere: inside and outside industrial buildings and offices, shopping centres and private houses. And that is because such designs have a number of obvious advantages:
Light weight
A variety of forms
Free combination with various types of d?cor
Don't even doubt that after the manufacture of metal stairs, You will boast to friends, clients and customers, that it is a gorgeous decoration for Your office, home or doorway.
Stairs in St. Petersburg: 5 kinds of metal structures
Circular or curved staircases are the most difficult to manufacture. But this is compensated by the fact that they will go well with almost any interior. Circular stairs can be round, octagonal, square, etc. if to loot from above. The main advantage is the small size. This is the winning option absolutely everywhere. Straight staircase is the most common from the planning viewpoint. They are one/multi-flight, with rotary platforms half-way/between floors. L-shaped are usually set in private interiors, because they are compact; easy to design and manufacture; and may be the only option for installation. U-shaped are embedded in special shaft that connects the floors. This configuration allows you to design turns. How to choose the right staircase?
First of all, you need to consult professional experts, but in General, the best option is chosen on the basis of such parameters as: budget, materials, style, design, shape and size of the aperture. On Photos you can see our restoration works on the following objects:
The cabin of Peter the great, the Summer garden, the Mikhailovsky castle, the Mariinsky theatre,
The Mariinsky Palace, the Palace of Grand Duke Nicholay Nikolaevich,
The Vorontsov Palace, the Museum of artillery, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra,
Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the Lopukhinskiy garden, the Grand Choral Synagogue, the Garden of Saint Galli,the Albreht rehabilitation Center, Children's hospital of St. Nicholas,
The Derzhavin Museum, the Orphanage (the Spiridonov’s mansion), the Garden of 9th January,
The Kleinmichel chalet, Vladimirsky Cathedral, the Lomonosov University,
The house of Nobel, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Gates in Dobrolyubova street
Appreciate the skill of blacksmiths of the present!
Original metal lattice and solutions of forged blade will not leave you indifferent.