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Metal decor

Metal has always been a unique decoration tool for interiors and exteriors, adding elegance and exclusivity to any house. About 90% of metal decor of pre-revolutionary capital of Russian was created at the famous factory of San Galli. Local production has grown from a mechanical workshop at Ligovka based by an enterprising German, Franz Karlovich San-Galli, in the early 1850s. Factory made original works of art, such as balcony railings of striking beauty, gates, lamp posts, cast iron vases, fountain installations, interior details.
Among the products molded at the factory San Galli, there are a few of particular significance. This is the Pillar of Glory, set at the Holy Trinity Cathedral; the main gate of the Winter Palace, made at the factory to replace the old wooden gates, and molding of Trinity bridge. LLC Vosnar"is the inheritor of the traditions of the old times- created in 1990 from a number of technical workers and former workers of the San-Galli Plant. After that the company was reorganized in association of restoration companies ' Voznar. " Association "Voznar" is formedby three companies of "VOZNAR Lick", LLC "Animaks Decor" and LLC "ZIV PROJECT"
Leading company in the Association “Voznar" is LLC Voznar-Lik", whose main specialization is art forgery in architecture and in decorative products. The company has a forge, which is the largest and the oldest in Russia. The main advantage of the organization is the succession of generations from father to son, from old masters to young ones, it takes into account not only the technology of the old masters, but also their own experience of 40 years, as well as five-year-experience in the EU countries.
The company has foundry production, its masters have great experiences. For less than a quarter of a century blacksmiths have mastered the methods of the old workers and modern technology of production. Today, LLC VOZNAR-Lik", in addition to all kinds of work associated with restoration and reconstruction of metal decor (forging, stamping and molding), performs restoration of stone and wooden monuments, the restoration of mosaic coatings and other works.
Since the foundation of the company it has restored more than one hundred objects, including: Peter the Great’s house, Nobel’s house, the fence of Mihailovsky castle, the fence of Seminary and Prosforny buildings of Alexander-Nevsky Lavra, the Mariinsky Palace, the fence of the Garden of 9th January, the building of the Naval Museum on the Labour square, and many others.
LLC "Animax decor", founded in 1998, performs restoration of decorative and artistic painting, decorative plaster, restoration and recreating of architectural stucco decoration, restoration and reconstruction of sculptures, restoration of ceramics. During the activity of the company it has made restoration of the fountain sculpture at the children's hospital of St. Nicholas at the Glinka street, 4, Gothic Capella of Farm Palace in Peterhof, stucco decoration of the Apraksin dvor facade, restoration of stucco and metal decoration of the wedding Palace at 52 Furshtatskaya street, restoration of mosaic floor in the Rauhfus Children's hospital.
LLC "ZIV-PROJECT, founded in 1997, makes engineering and technical survey of constructions, historical and cultural monument, the development of project documentation for restoration of objects of cultural heritage, adaptation of historical and cultural monuments for modern use, the development of specific methodologies and technologies in the working practices. The company carried out design work during the restoration of various objects of our city, some of them is the staircase of the Benois building in the Russian Museum, fences of the Mikhilovsky palace, the fence of M.I. Vorontsov Palace (Paghesky corps), "House of FG Bazhanov Trade and industry partnerships " at 72, Marata street, Kamennoostrovsky Palace on the Malaya Nevka embankment etc.
Currently the Association "Voznar", along with fulfilling its main purpose of the maintenance, restoration and reconstruction of monuments of cultural heritage, opens proceedings on the execution of works for businesses and private clients using the experience of special orders, based on the archives of the San Galli plant and other factories of the Soviet period.
The company has a separate smithy designed to host master-classes which will help anyone, under the contract, to have a chance to learn to produce original works of art forging with their own hands.